Adult foster care services are oftentimes confused with assisted living but the two are very different. If you want to learn more information about adult foster care, read below for the details. Many people use this service every year, but unlike assisted living, it’s available for adults of all ages who need help taking care of daily activities.

Provided Care

Foster care for adults offer various levels of care based upon the needs of the patient. This can range from intense care such as what they’d receive in a nursing home to minimal daily living help, similar to assisted living. Since care is tailored to the needs of each adult, you can always expect the corresponding services to match.

Prior Approval Required

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One of the biggest differences between assisted living and adult foster care is that you’ll need prior approval for the later. Only adults who meet certain criteria are eligible to receive adult care services massachusetts where anyone can use assisted living.


Costs of service varies from one patient to the next but it is oftentimes more affordable than assisted living care and may be covered by more insurance. Typical care costs range from $2,000 – $5,000 per month depending on the level of care needed and other factors. In many cases, insurance helps cover the costs of this care. Check with your insurance provider and policy to learn more about costs and out of pocket expenses.

Reasons to Use Adult Foster Care

Adult foster care began as a way for children to care for their aging parents. Over the years it’s turned into a type of care that helps various situations and people. Adult foster care is designed to provide a more comfortable, sometimes in home care to a patient of any age.