Ticks are nasty creatures that don’t really serve any purpose.  When we encounter a tick they will latch onto our skin and begin to drink our blood.  This action can cause us to become sick since many ticks will carry disease.  One of the most common diseases carried by a tick is Lyme disease.

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In order to take care of ticks it is a good idea to contact a tick extermination company collierville to handle the situation.  When contacting this or other companies you will want to let them know that you have seen the ticks in your area, have tall grass and water nearby that need to be treated and that it should be done early so that they don’t have a chance to breed or spread.

To help in this effort you will want to remove all standing water from around your home.  Ticks will use standing water to lay their eggs.  You will also want to go out and cut all of your grass and make sure that your yard stays clean.

From there, talk to your neighbors and others around you.  You want them to follow in suit in what you are doing so that the entire area can be controlled.  Since ticks don’t jump or fly, they will come in contact with others; this can be people, pets or rodents.  If you and your neighbors help to reduce the availability of ticks then the likelihood of having to deal with them yourself is lessened.

Be proactive

When it comes to dealing with ticks and other insects it all comes down to being proactive.  If you see a problem or a potential problem it needs to be addressed right ways.  If we let things stand or fester then the outcome will be more work, more money and more ticks to be dealt with.